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Faucon signs at Open House Records...

Open House Records can now confirm that 'Faucon' has signed to the label with forthcoming releases 'Sky's Fall' including a remix by Ryan Pitcher, on Open House Deep.

Faucon - DJ/Producer - USA

Faucon is a native Texan with a passion for nature, adventure and music.

In his adolescence he was searching for ways to create and mix music in a way that was enjoyable.

As he matured into a young adult he found passion for DJ’ing tech house on vinyl.

Feeling the grooves in the disks made him feel connected to the music but he still yearned for more creativity.

With his growing fervency for music and quest for experience Faucon finally began to shine light on persisting in music production. The last 7 years he has tried his hand at several experimental electronic genres.

Faucon has finally come full circle and back to his roots in tech house music. He wants to bring you sounds from his lab that has inspired him.

Faucon is the french pronunciation for Hawk. The hawk has guided this young musician on quite the journey through time and music.

Music is the greatest medicine, so lets join the flight!

Hear the sound of Faucon at

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