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Atom Shatters signs at Open House Records...

Open House Records can now confirm that 'Atom Shatters' has signed to the label with forthcoming release 'Home'.

Atom Shatters - Artist/Producer - USA

Atom Shatters is an artist/producer/vocalist/musician currently residing in Rochester, NY.

He has lived in and worked on music in a number of pretty cool places such as Virginia Beach, San Diego, and Hawaii.

These days he is writing the best material he ever has written.

He is a huge fan of electronic music and its numerous iterations.

He has always loved music thats uplifting and just makes you feel a super high level of joy and happiness while you're listening to it. A great dance song can reach down and put a joyful touch on any day.

Atom loves singing and producing music and spend a great deal of my time designing new songs.

What a great feeling after you've worked hard on a song to finally be able to share to the finished effort with other music lovers. Love that!

The goal is to see at least one of of his songs at the top of the charts within the next year, so he will be be doing his best to let those creative juices flow free and fast, so that I can achieve that goal.

Thats just one goal, the other one is to help you achieve your musical goals, also.

So let's work together, achieve, and have a lot of fun in the process.

He has enjoyed the assistance of some of the best recording and mastering engineers in the game. People like Roman Klun and Tom Coyne. Great teachers who have experienced wild career success and Iíve learned a lot from them.

Atom has also done a lot of vocals and music, both recording and performing, for many different aspiring artists, over the years.

Together we can put people's troubles behind them on the dance floor one mix at a time.

Are you ready?

Let's Go!

- Atom Shatters -

Hear the sound of Atom Shatters:

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