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Christopher Maison signs at Open House Records...

Open House Records can now confirm that 'Christopher Maison' has signed to the label with forthcoming release 'Still Dream'.

Christopher Maison - DJ/Producer - Poland

Christopher Maison is a DJ and music producer from Wroclaw.He explored electronics throughout all styles and kinds since high school time.

In 2004 he heard about Tiesto and then he was sure that trance music is what he loves the most.

From 2009 to 2015 he was attending many festivals and events but he felt that it is not enough for him.

He decided to start playing music in the clubs, and the next music step was production.

He has released 2 EPs: D. Max Recordings | Alter Ego. He also produces deep house, progressive ambient music.

Hear the sound of Christopher Maison:

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