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Doorbzy signs at Open House Records...

Open House Records can now confirm that 'Doorbzy' has signed to the label with forthcoming collaboration release 'The Story of Ibiza' with Davey G.

Doorbzy - DJ/Producer - UK

From a very early age Doorbzy loved every form of dance music, be it EDM, House and Trance.

Been a Stoke lad this was all we ever listened to, never did he believe that he would ever become an artist or for that matter even try.

It has always been something that he thought about doing in the back of his mind, so in 2018 he thought he'd give it ago. Firstly, he was encouraged to try his hand at playing on the decks, this was something he always had been fascinated about.

He slowly got to grips with using them, with the help of his good pal David Guest, he was someone that was very influential in Doorbzy taking up my music passion.

Doorbzy felt he needed more than just DJ'n alone and decided he would rather try his hand at producing his own tracks.

Doorbzy can always remember starting up Ableton for the first time and been lost lol, Eventually he got the hang of things.

His greatest achievement so far was reaching 4th in the Hypeddit Chart for his Break Beat remix of Dua Lipa – IDGAF back in 2018.

Doorbzy and David have now decided to work alongside each other, which is working brilliantly, and he looks forward to continue working with David Guest (Davey G) for many years to come.

Hear the sound of Doorbzy here:

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