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Music Worx Chart Update WK51...

Music Worx Charts - Week 51

Alex Inc - Get Out My Head

No.37 North America

No.9 Africa

BassAdventures - Perfect Time

No.43 International Charts

No.34 Europe

No.36 Oceania

No.42 Africa

Benigma - Selfish Desires

No.28 Oceania

CharlieMorrow - Am Crazy

No.19 Asia

Crpl3d - Lose It

No.29 Asia

DaveyG x Doorbzy - The Story of Ibiza

No.44 International Charts

Gunti - C'mon

No.45 South America

No.43 Oceania

K-Mack - Mind Control

No.11 South America

RHITE - For The Love

No.11 Oceania

Ryan Pitcher - PowerI (EP)

No.32 Europe

SMKY - Never Let Go

No.22 South America

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