Asrem signs at Open House Records

Open House Records can now confirm that 'Asrem has signed to the label with forthcoming release "UNIVERSE".

Asrem - DJ/Producer - Lithuania

Asrem started as a DJ, 15 years ago at school dance events.

Then discover music production a year after. His first DAW was (Reason 5) and that’s where he fell in love in music production.

All those years he had been making music for himself, but since 2020 he started to show his production to everybody else.

In a couple of months with his main alias 'REMEO' he has received some good feedback from EDM music artists like: musicbylukas // MOORAD // GLN // JOVANI.

Now that he also loves deeper sounds like deep house / tech house, he has decided to come out as a second alias ‘Asrem'

Hopefully you will enjoy his journey as much as he does.

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