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BIONT signs at Open House Records...

Open House Records can now confirm that 'BIONT' has signed to the label with forthcoming release "My Remedy".

BIONT - DJ/Producer - Italy

DJ, producer and active YouTube content creator BIONT, started getting into the music world since the early years of his life.

He was born on August 2004 in the peaceful Chianti area (Italy).

At 10 years old he was already recording covers of popular tracks with is midi controller, that he would then upload to his first YouTube channel.

Since the age of 12 he started learning more and more about music and the EDM world, thanks to his first DJ controller.

Recently, he's been participating to a few local gigs as a DJ, getting his name heard in the area.

In the last 3 years he's been producing more and more music, refining his personal taste and sound.

Lately he's been getting into a more deep and bass heavy style, inspired by the big names of the genre.

In 2020 he showed the world that his music was good enough to get consideration from the music labels, signing his first record contract with "Open House Records" for his single "My Remedy".

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