Thank You & Happy Holidays

Hi Everyone,

There is set to be a few changes in 2022 for the label to gain more exposure so please do subscribe to our newsletter to find out more.

The most notable change is that we are going to be releasing on FRIDAY'S and no longer on a Monday!

More secrets soon, but meantime...

As we prepare to close office after close of business on Friday 17th December!

I want to use this time to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone that has been part of the

Open House journey!

The support this year has been great wether you are a fan of the label, DJ, Radio Presenter, Producer, Blogger, Newspaper, liking our sounds it all means a lot for an independent label like ourself.

As testing as 2021 has been we have found a way to keep going and staying positive, and I have seen some really good stories and journeys that have come out of our label in terms of the

producers moving on to bigger things, it’s always good to see their progress!

I am truly happy to see the progress the label has had over these years and the help it has given to many up and coming creatives, whether it’s their first ever release or just broadening their catalogue of labels to use.

So many stories we have been a part of and hopefully a lot more to come.

If you haven’t yet become a member of our website, please do so by heading over to our website.

As 2022 looks set to be a right good one, with some excellent signings behind the scenes

and sounds to bring the label further more into the current market.

#OpenHouseRecords #ThankYou #HappyHolidays #December

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